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 Can HEPA Air Filters Get Rid of Asbestos from the Air

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Asbestos actually ranks among the most dangerous airborne contaminants. As a matter of fact, at one point in time that it is the most commonly used element in a wide array of industries and products, this fibrous mineral has since been prohibited in almost all developed countries. in addition to that, airborne exposure to asbestos can pose extreme long-term health condition and worst of all, death. Therefore, it is very essential to make sure that the air you, your employees and your family are taking in clean and safe. However, if you are worried about potential exposure to asbestos in your business or residential property, you may consider the use of HEPA air filter. 

What’s a HEPA Air Filter? 

HEPA (highefficiency particulate arresting) air filter is basically a special type of mechanical air filter made to enhance the interior quality of air by effectively getting rid of a significant number of various airborne particles and allergens which can be very irritating or harmful to people. Inside the HEPA filter consists of a screen-looking sheet of fibers, commonly made of fiberglass that trap and catch very small particles and hard-to-trap solid particles, including – however, not limited to – bacterial and viral organisms, and mold spores, dust mites and dust, animal dander, asbestos and smoke. 

Does it Actually Work?  

Even though the efficiency of an air filter can be based upon the prowess of the consumer and the product’s quality. In order to cleanse the whole unit, the building should be transferred from one room to the other or several units may be utilized to expedite the methods. 

Can HEPA Air Filters Eliminate Asbestos Particles? 

The answer to the question is technically yes. Fibers of asbestos are actually solid particles which differ significantly in size while the HEPA air filters are made to best absorb particles above but not below 0.3 microns. However, HEPA air filters can just do so much when the original source of asbestos exposure is still found within the area and generating more airborne particles. 

Get Rid of the Open Sources 

If you’re experiencing problems with contamination of asbestos. It seems like coming from the source of asbestos exposure such as deteriorating piping and wall insulation, drywall joint compound and some other sources. Since HEPA air filters are made to be genuinely efficient only if the opensource is not present, it is not possible to totally cleanse the air before the exposed area has been handled and investigated properly by a professional, experienced and highly reputable asbestos removal service provider such as Asbestos Removal San Antonio. 

Check the Rate of Exchange 

For best outcomes, select HEPA air filters which offer a greater the air exchange rate per hour. The exchange rate of air directly correlates to the effectiveness and efficiency of the HEAP air filter because it purifies or cleanses the air in a particular space. The greater the exchange rate of air, the more effective the HEPA air filter is. Contact a professional if you want to know more details about it. 

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