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Why Use Natural Body Butters? 

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Compared to body creams, natural body butter is richer and thicker and is perfect for dry and sensitive skin. They have a high natural butter amount from natural oils like coconut, grapeseed, jojoba, or almond to natural butter like mango, cocoa, or shea butter to keep your skin protected. If you’re planning to incorporate using natural body butter into your skincare routine, check out the following beauty hacks and learn some ways you can do with them. 


Moisturize the dry patches on your knees and elbow 

Body butter is suitable for the dry patches found on your skin, especially on your elbow and knees. Keep a tiny pot on the bedside cabinet, in the drawer at work, or even in your bag, where you can easily reach it whenever you want to moisturize your dry skin. In problematic areas, it’s highly recommended to apply a second layer. 

Eliminate sticky make-up 

Get a moist cotton pad, apply a little bit of body butter, and wipe it on your face with make-up. Then, observe how easy it is to help your makeup of the day be dissolved with this technique. Body butter can also eliminate waterproof mascara. However, make sure not to get it in your eye to avoid irritation. 

Rejuvenate your hair 

You can also use your natural body butter to help revitalize your stressed and dry hair. Get a small portion of the butter and allow it to melt from your hand’s warmth before you apply it to the tip of your hair. After that, use warm water to wash your hair and let it dry. Now, enjoy fragrant and silky hair. 

Make it as your overall body moisturizer 

The perfect time to moisturize your body is after you take a bath or shower because your skin is still moist. This time, put some butter on your skin and use broad massaging strokes. Make sure to avoid using too much of it because it could lead your skin to be excessively greasy. 

Use body butter on neglected parts of your body 

Such neglected body areas include your lips, neckline, etc. All you need to do is warm a tiny bit of butter between your palms and start massaging it gently from your chest towards your neck and give multiple strokes. You can also use a tiny bit of body butter on your lips if needed, instead of lip balm. 

Make as a moisturizing hand cream 

If you’re one with those who have a green thumb, you’re probably aware of how your hands would eventually feel after gardening for a couple of hours. If that’s the case, you can use rich body butter after you wash the dirt off your hands thoroughly. After doing so, it will be a wonderful feeling as you achieve soft hands rather than dry palms and cracked knuckles. 

If you want to purchase body butter, make sure it’s from the trusted brands that offer natural products. For more information about this topic, visit our page frequently. 


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